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GPS Seduction

Posted by carsdiva on October 3, 2013

It’s been a while since my last post, but I came across this [very entertaining] article on the Huffington Post, titled “50 Shades of GPS,” (you imagine where this is going), and just couldn’t resist.

Writer Eva Moon says:  “It’s a seductive thing, a GPS device. At first you can’t imagine why you’d need it. Then you give it a try, just for kicks. Before you know it, you can’t find your way to the kitchen without a green line.”

Alright so I do have a back-up Garmin, and yes, I was quick to change the voice to the UK male version.  There’s just something about the accent that entices me to follow directions.

My vehicle has a built-in Navigation system, but unfortunately I must comply to the what-seems-to-be standard female, (somewhat monotonous,) voice that commands me to turn right ahead.  If only I could change it like the Garmin, I may get a bit more excited rather than annoyed when the system cuts into the song I’m jamming to in order to tell me my exit is 2 miles ahead.  But back to Eva.

I think my favorite part of Eva’s article is when she talks about “Antonio,” and her slight obsession over her newfound gift, which eventually results in her “deleting him.”  She explains:  “The truth is, I was in over my head. I’d started purposely getting lost, just to prolong our sessions. My gas bills were obscene. My husband was growing suspicious. It was a wrenching decision, but I deleted Antonio.”  There you have it ladies and gentlemen– subservience to our technological gadgets at its best.

Ok, perhaps, my affinity for my Garmin is not quite as extreme, but I’ll admit, I do enjoy taking directions from it more than my car’s built-in system.  At the end of the day, if the GPS, (whichever it may be,) gets me to my destination, mission accomplished.  Nevertheless, I am a bit curious to hear “Antonio”….

You have arrived, señorita.  Has a nice ring to it, no?

Intrigued? Well then I encourage you to read all of “50 Shades of GPS.” 


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