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TRED this way

Posted by carsdiva on July 4, 2013

In a society that demands instant satisfaction……along comes Tred.  Couple that with the factor of limited time, and the general aversion to car shopping, and you have a genius solution.  Think about test driving a car in your comfort zone, on your own turf, without having to go to a dealership.  Yes.  It’s true.  And it was launched last month.

TRED logoTred delivers vehicles (up to four) to the shopper’s home.  For $19, the shopper gets a15-mile test drive, along with the company of Tred Auto Experts, of course.  They, much like the traditional sales consultant at a dealership, ride with the shopper to answer their questions about the vehicle, and the overall sales process.  Furthermore, Tred then provides a price report to the shopper that compares the participating dealer’s price with third-party sources— think and

So who’s involved?  Well the company is led by CEO Grant Feek, a Harvard MBA grad who grew up working as a porter at a BMW dealership.  And then [some] of the money backing the venture– $1.7 million to be exact, comes from Rick Wagoner, former CEO of General Motors.  (I’d wager to say that having his automotive background and expertise on board helped to push this along.)  Dealerships pay a subscription fee to participate, and about 40 have signed on so for, beginning in the King County, WA (Seattle area).

Brilliant.  And the car biz continues to evolve……


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