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Lightning strikes….the Chevy Volt is due for arrival soon

Posted by carsdiva on July 28, 2010

And finally… the long-awaited Chevrolet Volt is set to debut in October or November of this year- 2010.

The vehicle will be able to travel as far as 40 miles on its lithium-ion battery before reverting to the gasoline-powered engine. According to GM’s U.S. marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, consumers interested in electric vehicles also want peace of mind that the gasoline engine would provide, based on their research and their tout with the EV1 of the early ‘90’s. The Volt will be a “real” car that fits the needs of the consumer.

Leave it to the liberal, eco-minded sunshine state, California will be one of the first locations where the vehicle will be available for sale to the public. The other initial launch markets include Michigan, New York City, Austin, Texas and Washington, D.C.

As to the price, expect to pay a minimum of $41,000, including a “shipping fee.” However, the Volt will be eligible for a $7,500 government tax credit. Additionally, GM will offer a competitive lease: $350 a month for 36 months, after a $2,500 down payment, only available to those in the launch markets. As always however, cash is king, and those residing in other markets that are interested in the vehicle can pay participating dealers cash to get their hands on the car. Stay tuned for future sales expanding to New Jersey, Connecticut, and the rest of Texas and New York by mid-2011.

So what do get for this price? Well with the base model you will receive the cord to charge the vehicle in a 120-volt outlet (it takes about 10 hours for a full charge), Bluetooth, as well as five years of OnStar. Add all the bells and whistles and you bring the price to $44,600 (before the tax credit). Options include a park-assist and rear-camera package, premium trim package with heated leather seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel, and 17″ polished aluminum wheels.    

Want to check it out and find out who’s on the list of participating dealers? Take a look at to see the full list, or call the Volt hotline at 1-888-VOLT-4-YOU, accessible 24/7. Orders are now being taken, and for those consumers that pull the trigger, GM will call the buyer and then the customer once it’s up for production. Buyers can then track the status of their orders on this website.


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