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Ford MyKey

Posted by carsdiva on January 15, 2009

Ford MyKeyJust recently, I had the opportunity to learn all about one of Fords latest innovations- MyKey. While sitting inside a Mercury Milan, equipped with MyKey, I was given a demo of the product before being able to test it out myself. Ill admit I was a bit skeptical initially, as I realized this technology gave the vehicle owner the ability to place limitations on such things as the vehicles top speed. However, in thinking back on my own first days of driving, I realized that if MyKey was available back then, it probably wouldve spared my parents a few gray hairsSpeed Control

What is MyKey?

If you havent already guessed it, MyKey is a technology introduced by Ford to enhance and encourage driver safety and increase fuel efficiency, particularly amongst new [teen] drivers. As implied by its title, MyKey allows the vehicle owner to program a key to limit the vehicles top speed and Volume Controlaudio volume when in use. It also encourages safety belt usage by muting the audio and chiming a warning sound until the safety belt has been secured properly. Additionally, a chime sounds when the fuel level is low, at 75 miles to empty, rather than the typical 50 miles to empty. And MyKey can be programmed to prevent the deactivation of the vehicles traction control system– so unless theyre Krispy Kremes, no donuts allowed.

Despite the winter wonderland outside, after hearing all about MyKey, I was able to take the Mercury Milan out for a spin to see the MyKey features in action. I realized immediately (while driving), just how MyKey encourages safer driving behavior and limits distractions. As I hit 45mph, 55mph, and then 65mph on the freeway, MyKey kicked in, sounding a warning chime that caused me to take notice of my speed. I reached maximum speed at 80mph, which also made me realize if I didnt slow down, Id be doomed for a speeding ticket.

In Action on the RoadBeltMinder

While behind the wheel, I decided to unbuckle my seatbelt for just a moment (not something I encourage) to see what would happen, and sure enough the radio muted and the warning chime again kicked in until I quickly refastened the belt. And speaking of audio, the volume was limited to maximize at 44% of the total volume. So although loud, I was still very aware of my surroundings, and could hear what was going on around me on the road.

Additional DetailsDebuting as a standard feature on the 2010 Ford Focus, MyKey will also be offered on many other Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. And not to worry, although MyKey will become standard on many vehicles, it will be offered an additional feature to the traditional key, so the vehicle owner has the option to use (or not use) the MyKey system. What will they think of next?

Your thoughts?


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