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The CarsDiva Starts A Blog

Posted by carsdiva on October 26, 2007


What or who is the CarsDiva and why is she (it) writing a blog?

Well, I’m the CarsDiva-  a woman, an independent car industry “insider” and entrepreneur, and an “automotive enthusiast” (is that the correct buzzword? I was going to say “car guy” as one of my colleagues says in his blog – see john possumato at, but it occurs to me that that wouldn’t exactly apply.)   And above all, I’m here to give my comments and my perspective on the world of automotive retailing.  

Hello, my name is Demetra Markopoulos and I sell used cars (sans the plaid pants)…  

For the past few years I’ve been deeply engrossed in the car biz, immersed almost 24/7 in this very secular world of automotive retailing.  (It all began with an innovative start-up that pioneered “upstream remarketing” and now, for the first time on the Web, brings off-rental units [wholesale], direct from the suppliers to consumers… aka What I’ve seen and experienced first hand at work, which really stands out in my mind, is the “old boy” network of auto industry.  It’s exists among car dealers, manufacturers, vendors, and so forth…  Don’t misunderstand–  it’s a very gracious “old boy” network that has extended a courteous and helpful hand to the new-kid-on-the-block insider like me many times when I needed it.   I couldn’t have met a nicer group of people in any industry… HOWEVER, on that same token, this is also one of the most exclusive of groups, closed to outsiders, both male and female.  And, because there are so few female insiders in the car business, (from manufacturers, to dealer retailers, etc.), it’s exceptionally closed off to women. 

So the reason I’m writing this blog (and, if encouraged, hope to extend the effort in a pioneering way to many other online media avenues in the future), stems from the above. 

The purpose is to comment, observe and “demystify” this whole business-   from buying to selling, servicing and vending, to exploring careers in the car business, all coming from an insider woman’s point of view.  And as I mentioned earlier, I’m an independent car industry insider, so what you will read (which I hope you continue to do), is not created or sponsored by any manufacturer, car dealer or established publishing organization… as that always seems to influence other commentators in this market. 

Do you know just how much women’s decisions impact the auto buying industry? Women represent over 50% of all vehicle purchases in the U.S., and influence over 80%.  And “cyber shopping” is taking over for the purchase of both new and used vehicles – A recent JD Power study established that the Web is the number one source for information for both used and new vehicle shoppers, surpassing newspaper advertising, radio and television, in less than a decade. 

So I’ve gotta say, even though I haven’t seen anything like this to date, I think there may be place for an independent, slightly (or maybe not so slightly) irreverent car industry woman to comment, observe, and answer questions on the automotive industry.  Not only in general terms, but even more specifically on car retailing, in an effort to move the needle forward– to educate a bit, provide exposure to, and bring to light a new perspective from the usual “company speak” or “legal department reviewed” thoughts on this always regulated but rarely “revealed” car business.  Our goal is not only to tackle certain issues, but to help.   

Honestly, let me know what you think, by emailing me at  And of course, most of all, the CarsDiva always loves a good conversation…


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